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    Kazunari Hirota, Akito Hirakata, Makoto Inoue

    Background: To report the optical coherence tomographic (OCT) findings in 4 eyes before and after a spontaneous resolution of a myopic traction maculopathy (MTM). Method: Retrospective review of medical records including history, examination findings, fundus details, and finding of spectral-domain OCT (Cirrus HD-OCT, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Spectralis, Heidelberg Engineering, Heidelberg) findings in 4 eyes with a spontaneous resolution of MTM. Results: A release of the vitreofoveal traction was detected by OCT in 3 eyes before the resolution of the MTM. A vitreofoveal separation in one eye and an increase in the length of a vitreous strand from the macula in two eyes indicated a reduction in the traction. In 2 eyes, an internal limiting membrane (ILM) detachment was seen by OCT as a membrane above the wrinkled inner retina at the perifoveal lesion, and a flattening of the ILM and inner retina was detected after the resolution. The detached ILM was shifted centrifugally on the macula and disappeared with the flattening of the adjacent retina which suggests that the release of tangential traction was caused by the dehiscence of ILM possibly at the proximal edges of the ILM detachment. Conclusion: Releasing a vitreofoveal traction and flattening of the detached ILM may be signs of spontaneous resolution of a MTM. Vitrectomy is not required when these signs are detected.

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