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  • Inventi:hoc/20094/16
    Kommineni Veditha*, Karumudi Sravani

    Cardiac cancer or heart cancer is a rare type of cancer arises in the heart. There are two types of cardiac tumours, primary cardiac tumour and secondary cardiac tumours. Primary cardiac tumour in which the cancer starts and develops in the heart and is very rare type, it is divided into malignant primary cardiac cancers which are soft-tissue tumours known as sarcomas. They tend to grow rapidly inside the heart and quickly spread to other tissues and the other is non-cancerous Myxomas, these are the most common type of cardiac tumour. If detected and treated early, these have little effect on lifespan. The secondary tumours are the cancer cells that break away from tumours elsewhere in the body can grow in the heart; these secondary or metastatic tumours are far more common than primary cardiac tumours. The aim of the study was to characterize the pathological features of heart cancer, symptom checkers and a study of pharmacological and non pharmacological treatments available for curing cardiac cancer.

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