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    Devansh Mehta*, Mohd Shuaib1, Mohd Ali

    Medicines were present in the past and are present today and will be present in future as well. Medicines or Drugs are the substances which help in sequential elimination of the symptoms or the disease itself. In Pharmacology, a medicine or a drug, is defined as any chemical entity which helps in diagnosing, mitigation, cure and removal of pathogenic factors from the patient’s body. Drugs if used unconventionally or illegally have devastating effects on the human body; hence its use other than medical reason shall be avoided or prevented. Today, we have seen lot of research being conducted to develop and discover lead compounds, which through subsequent clinical trials testing are inculcated in medical treatment of ailments or diseases anywhere in the world. Humans or the mankind is doing really hard work and scientists and researchers are really burning their midnight oil to bring or come up with molecules or drugs which can help in better treatment strategies of the acute as well as chronic ailments. In recent decades, I would say, from the beginning of mid last millennium we have come up with really fascinating blockbuster molecules and drugs which help us in handling the present human ailments highly effectively as well as efficiently. But still there are numerous diseases and human ailments for which effective drugs are not present still. We are heading towards, a highly fast paced and digital world. Technology and newer tools and techniques have been discovered which gives the medical workforce to deal with ever increasing complexities of diseases and their occurrence among us.

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