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    An electronic health records system stores medical data and nursing data. The medical data is associated with a physician's findings for an encounter with a patient. The nursing data is associated with nursing care provided to the patient. The electronic health records system generates separate or linked physician and nurse interfaces that can be used to enter and review the medical and nursing data as desired. The electronic health records system also manages nurse scheduling.

  • BED

    Height adjustable beds involve the risk for the patient to fall out of the bed. In order to prevent this to happen, the bed is furnished with a device which observes whether a nursing person is within a proximity zone of the bed. When thenursing person leaves the proximity zone and the bed is adjusted to a height implying potential danger for the person in the bed, a message (sms) is sent to a mobile unit carried by the nursing person. The indication warns the nursingperson, making it possible for him to prevent the potential dangerous situation by height adjustment of the bed to a safe height for leaving the bed. Hereby personal injury is prevented or minimized as much as possible.


    A nursing pad clothing liner for placing against a woman's breasts to protect from milk leakage.

  • Nipple For An Infant Bottle Assembly And An Infant Bottle Assembly Having Such a Nipple

    A nipple for use with a nursing bottle is provided. The nipple includes a base portion and a bulbous sidewall connected to and extending upward from the base portion. The bulbous sidewall has a height and a maximum width that is larger than said height. The nipple further includes an end portion extending upward from the bulbous sidewall and having an outlet opening therein.

  • Clinical forensic video template: trauma, for mediation and facilitation in personal injury and medical malpractice law

    A medico-legal template process, created by the Medical--Nursing community, that audio-visually demonstrates actual injury and trauma of a patient physically, functionally, mentally, emotionally and psychologically, and it's impact on altering that patient's pre-morbid/baseline activities of daily living, and relationships, both short and long term. The audio-visual record is a patient focused, neutral, medical and nursing assessment and analysis application for the discovery, mediation and litigation components of personal injury and medical malpractice law, and other applicable fields of study. This material is unique and original in that it applies the Nursing Process to the Clinical Forensic Video, it is created by the Medical-Nursing community for the Legal community, and it creates a neutral position within Plaintiff and Defense litigation.


    An improved disposable privacy curtain system for use in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities is disclosed. The disposable privacy curtain system includes a disposable curtain packaged and sold with novel pre-attached sliding carriers affixed to the top edge thereof that are adapted for rapid, snap-in engagement with existing ceiling tracks thereby allowing for rapid removal and replacement of the curtain system. A disposable hospital curtain in accordance with the present invention comprises sheet-like material formed as a generally rectangular panel with vertical fold lines that permit the panel to be drawn between to a compact stowed configuration wherein the curtain is disposed in a pleated and/or folded configuration, and an extended deployed configuration wherein the curtain is extended. In a preferred embodiment, the disposable hospital curtain is fabricated from non-woven polypropylene treated with an antimicrobial agent and a flame retardant.


    The invention includes a box with a water inlet on top, drainage outlets in the bottom, and multiple nursing cells horizontally and vertically arranged inside. The nursing cells are permanently linked inside the box. Each nursing cell has reservoir grooves in the bottom, and light and air circulation cells around all sides. A slit is placed on adjacent walls ofnursing cells in each row, and also in each column, thereby connecting two adjacent nursing cells. The planting module is integrated, ready for use without any assembly required. Light and air circulation cells around nursing cells provide sufficient sunlight for growth of the plants inside. Reservoir grooves in the cell bottom can better keep moisture and nutrients inside. Horizontal and vertical slits in the cell walls provide even and rapid distribution for water that enters the module.

  • Wet Floor Warning Devices and Methods

    Apparatus and methods for wet floor warnings feature a movable barrier member proximate a doorway at a height elevated above floor level for selective movement between a deployed position in which the barrier member spans at least partially across the doorway and a storage position in which the barrier member is less obstructive to the doorway than in the deployed position for selective display of wet floor warning indicia on the barrier member on a path of sight through the doorway to indicate that the floor surface situated beyond said doorway is wet and may present a slip and fall hazard. The visibility of the warning is improved over floor seated signs, and cleaning personnel going room to room in a large establishment like a hotel, hospital, nursing home, care home, etc. need not transport portable warning signs as they travel the premises.

  • Inflatable Mattress Guard

    An inflatable mattress guard is provided. The present invention relates to a mattress guard having a sheet with side pockets on the top surface of the sheet wherein inflatable bladders can be inserted into the pockets and selectively inflated and deflated by the user of the mattress depending on the user's needs and preferences. The invention has application to bed safety devices for hospitals and nursing homes, as well as to general use for toddlers and young children in a home environment.

  • Nutritional supplements for women desiring to become pregnant, and pregnant and nursing women

    The present invention relates to nutritional supplements to be administered to, or to be taken by, women desiring to become pregnant, and pregnant and nursing women. The nutritional supplements of this invention have a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, lycopene, co-enzyme Q10, DHA, docusate (such as docusate sodium), folic acid, and a nutritionally acceptable carrier therefor. The invention includes specific nutritional supplements for the uses set forth above.


    Described herein are embodiments of systems and methods for providing an automated medication handling system that can, among other things, single-dose package medications, store and dispense medications in a pharmacy, transport medications to a nursing unit or other remote location, store them at that remote location, and load them into a portable unit carried by a nurse, who may dispense the medication at a bedside.


    An electronic health records system stores medical data and nursing data. The medical data is associated with a physician's findings for an encounter with a patient. The nursing data is associated with nursing care provided to the patient. The electronic health records system generates separate or linked physician and nurse interfaces that can be used to enter and review the medical and nursing data as desired. The electronic health records system also manages nurse scheduling.


    Software, or a pathway assistant, can be utilized to facilitate assessment or treatment recommendations of a remotely monitored patient and can run in the background. The pathway assistant, which searches data for key information and creates pathways, provides an automated system that standardized the assessment, treatment, management and evaluation of patients being monitored. The pathways generated allow a user, nurse, or caregiver, to follow precise instructions and assessing a patient's condition. The pathways software limits human error associated with assessment and provide more cost-effective management for large patient populations thus providing an advantage over prior art. Collecting data for the software may be performed by an interactive voice response (IVR) system. The patient may dial the IVR system or the IVR system may be configured to call the patient at predefined times.

  • Distributed Fault Tolerant Architecture For a Healthcare Communication System

    A healthcare communication system includes a first plurality of computer devices operable as a nurse call system. The first plurality of computer devices has core nurse call functionality. The system also includes a second plurality of computer devices communicatively coupled to the first plurality of computer devices. The first plurality of computer devices are interconnected logically and/or physically in a tiered architecture arrangement to provide fault isolation among the tiers so that faults occurring in computer devices of one tier don't affect the operability of computer devices in other tiers and so that faults occurring in any of the second plurality of computer devices don't affect the core nurse call functionality of the first plurality of computer devices.

  • Support System for Improved Quality Healthcare

    The present invention, defined as MEGICS (Medical+Logics), has been developed in order to improve quality of care and enhance the efficiency of operation of healthcare facilities and providers. When front-line healthcare doctors and nurses make various clinical decisions, MEGICS management system can provide them with relevant clinical knowledge in a timely manner. MEGICS management system can, therefore, increase the level of user satisfaction and provide patients with better quality of healthcare services. The Inventor believes that the present invention, MEGICS, can penetrate a new market and be easily adopted by healthcare facilities, due to its flexible system structure, experience-based approach, and user-friendly features.

  • Nursing Cover-up

    In one embodiment, a nursing cover is constructed of a flexible cover body that is configured to cover a mother's front, particularly areas exposed while nursing a baby. For convenience of reference, the cover body can be described in terms of a top end, a bottom end and two sides. A track is coupled to the top end of the cover, and at least one clip is slidingly engaged with the track to permit the clip to slide along the track. In this way, not only does the cover provide privacy protection to a nursing mother, but the cover also includes a slidable clip that can serve a variety of functions.


    Particular infant support or nursing pillows are disclosed, for supporting an infant in a variety of settings by providing a stable surface upon which to rest. Various embodiments include a generally crescent shaped device, including a resilient fill material surrounded by a fabric shell and having a top and a bottom surface connected by a band of uniform width extending vertically and wholly about the perimeter of the pillow. The support pillow may be combined with an accessory device to form a support pillow assembly. An attachment mechanism may be configured to attach the accessory device to the support pillow such that the accessory device is arranged to direct a perceptible effect to at least one of the first arm, the second arm, and the medial region of the support pillow.


    A scarf/shawl useful for general fashion wear and also useful to give a mother and baby privacy during nursing. The scarf may be a flat piece of semi-transparent or "semi-sheer" lightweight fabric, with a slit for the woman's head formed between the middle and a rear edge of the scarf. The fabric may have a non-sheer pattern on the outside surface that permits the mother to view a nursing baby through the scarf, but that obscures the details of baby and breast to nearby people. In a preferred form the scarf is an oval with the slit formed on the longitudinal axis. The scarf may also be used as apparel for the upper shoulders and breast area when not nursing, and rotated from a back fashion position to a front nursing position if it is desired to leave the scarf on for different uses.

  • Adhesive nursing pad

    This invention concerns an adhesive nursing pad particularly useful for absorbing body fluids. The adhesive nursing pad comprises of a high absorption inner body, and outer layer with an adhesive circumference that attaches directly to the woman's breast for securely maintaining the nursing pad's position without slippage upon leakage of fluids from the breast of nursing or pregnant women, also containing a velcro strap, and adhesive flap on opposite ends of the adhesive nursing pad to give added support as a brassiere.


    Methods, systems, and devices are described for determining resource allocation in a resident care facility, like a nursing home facility. Embodiments of the invention provide assessment questions to an assessor via a computer interface. The assessment questions may be based on a base assessment model having questions relating to a number of resident care areas. Responses to the assessment questions may be received, some relating to answers provided to the assessor by respondents (e.g., residents or staff of the resident care facility). The responses may be processed to generate an assessment dataset, which may then be used to generate quality scores for the various resident care areas. The quality scores may indicate likelihoods of citation in the resident care areas as a function of data derived from the base assessment model. The quality scores and/or assessment results may then be graphically displayed and used to formulate a resource allocation determination.


    An artificial nipple can include a nipple tip section that can sufficiently reach the sucking fossa and can be appropriately squashed. The artificial nipple have a base section that widens to match an attachment object; an areola section that narrows gradually; and a nipple section that extends without widening halfway up to a tip and while narrowing slightly and gradually at a diameter-narrowing rate that is smaller than the diameter-narrowing rate of the areola section. The areola section has a wall thickness greater than that of the nipple section, the nipple section has a length sufficient to reach the sucking fossa, and a wall thickness at a boundary between the areola section and the nipple section is smaller than that of the areola section but greater than that of the nipple section, as a result of which a band-like weakened section is formed along the circumference of that site.

  • Travel Nursing Pillow

    A support pillow includes a pillow body having a medial region and two curved arms that extend from the medial region. The pillow body has a curved exterior periphery and an interior periphery that defines a well when the pillow is in an open position. A first flap portion extends from the exterior periphery of a first one of the curved arms and a second flap portion extends from the exterior periphery of a second one of the curved arms. A fastening mechanism is configured to couple the first and the second flap portions to each other when the pillow body is folded in half to place the pillow in a closed position, with the first and the second arms being generally adjacent to each other.


    A method and system for covering from public view a nursing mother's breast and child while breast feeding, the system comprising of a particular arrangement of a decorative cover that fits around the front and neck of a mother and over the baby and includes a device that lifts the cover to provide space for the mother to breast feed the baby while maintaining coverage from public view


    Nursing bra conversion garments and methods are disclosed. Nursing bra conversion allows conversion of bras from one configuration into another, increasing the likelihood of extending the useful lifespan of the bra garment.

  • Caregiver Cover

    A caregiver cover with a stretched torus or other like shaped body and an elongated open or closed shaped neck opening. The caregiver cover provides adequate coverage of chest, shoulders, upper arms, and upper back of a caregiver to protect the caregiver's clothes from becoming soiled when burping, holding, bathing, or otherwise performing activities common to caring for a baby; and/or to provide adequate coverage for a nursingmother to maintain privacy while nursing without fully covering the baby; and/or to provide a comfortable surface for the baby. The body may be a soft, comfortable, absorbent fabric such as terry cloth, flannel, knit or the like and/or reversible. A neck fastener and/or a collar may be joined to the body. The body may be a single layer, a double layer, a triple layer, or multiple layers with a top panel, a middle panel, a bottom panel and/or multiple panels


    An Internet-based system involves a database and search capabilities for connecting patients with healthcare providers, e.g., physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, treatment facilities, etc., and further enables such providers to reach patients with whom they may not otherwise come into contact. A patient may access the healthcare provider information through a search conducted using a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Alternatively, a patient may access the company Web site's predetermined Web page that provides search capabilities on its database. A patient may research a healthcare provider based on criteria specified by the patient. Information provided to the patient may be in the form of a report, profile, ratings, etc., including patient-provided information, physician-verified information, and information verified by an independent third party. The verified information and ratings provided by the Web site enable patients to differentiate among healthcare providers and thereby select the provider that best meets their individual needs.


    The present invention relates to multifunctional blanket for covering a standard rear facing infant carrier, a baby, a stroller, a child seating device, a nursing woman, and other child carriers. The multifunctional blanket comprising (a) a reversible outer cover, in which the outer cover has opposite sides of equal length, a top portion, and a bottom portion, wherein the top and bottom portions have the same width; (b) a reversible inner cover, the inner cover having opposite sides of equal length, a top portion, and a bottom portion, wherein the top and bottom portions have the same width; and (c) a set of edge-fastening device attached to each opposite sides of the cover. The present disclosure provides numerous functionality of infant carrying gear all in one multifunctional blanket and covering device, eliminating the use of other gear, and provides coverage and protection for the baby from social and environmental elements.


    An apparatus and method for determination of change in volume of a body part or body organ on a real-time basis. In a breastfeeding application, an inflatable cuff is positioned on a nursing breast and allows direct access to the nipple by the breastfeeding infant. The inflatable cuff includes an outer shell portion and an inner inflatable bladder. The pressure in the bladder is monitored regularly by a pressure sensor, during a breastfeeding session. When the pressure drops below a preselected pressure, a controller directs a pump to pump air into the inflatable bladder to maintain the preselected pressure. The volume of added air is monitored during the breastfeeding session. Various calibrations are used to correlate the amount of added air, to the volume of breast milk withdrawn from the breast. The volume of breast milk withdrawn during breastfeeding is calculated and displayed throughout the breastfeeding session.


    A method, apparatus, and system for lactation accommodation with a product table that utilizes in one locale the combination of a chair, counter, sink, splash guards and anti-microbial surfaces to construct lactation support for nursing mothers that meets food handling and health care standards. A vertical splash guard is placed between the pump table space and the sink table space to reduce splash from the sink onto the counter. The system includes a sink with countertop hole to accommodate a hands-free faucet with or without water temperature control levers, but has no other holes or seams that will permit microbial growth. The lactation accommodation comes in two sizes, one non-handicap accommodation with shorter length countertop spaces, and a second handicap accessible accommodation with longer countertop space and is wheelchair accessible. The apparatus includes a chair attached to the table or floor so that it cannot be removed from the installation.

  • Disposable breast pad

    The present invention is referred to a nursing breast pad, comprising a circular pad including a front garment facing surface and a rear wearer facing surface attached to each other by a peripheral flange. The space between the garment facing surface and the wearer facing surface contains a liquid chemical and a powder chemical that, when mixed together, can produce an endothermic cooling action. The liquid chemical is contained within a flexible bag that, when squeezed by the user, causes the bag to burst so that the two chemicals can mix.


    A chair comprising a seat part and a back part. A cushion support system is provided and has at least one support cushion pivotably connected to the chair proximate the lower portion of the back part. The support cushion is pivotable between an upright position and a lowered position. A securing element secures the support cushion to the back part in the upright position. The support cushion, in the upright position, is shaped to complement a shape of the back cushion and form together a substantially even back surface, and the support cushion rests upon a corresponding armrest, in the lowered position. The chair can be preferably used for nursing.

  • Universal Patient Lifting Frame

    The invention relates to a patient lifting frame for use with an invalid hoist for lifting and supporting an invalid patient. Such a lifting frame can be used in conjunction with a wheeled or overhead mechanical or electrical hoist unit, to assist nursing staff, healthcare staff or carers in lifting and moving disabled patients. This lifting frame may also be used in many different areas to carry able bodied people in safety for operations such as air sea rescue service.


    A method and system for covering from public view a nursing mother's breast and child while breast feeding, the system comprising of a particular arrangement of a decorative cover that fits around the front and neck of a mother and over the baby and includes a device that lifts the cover to provide space for the mother to breast feed the baby while maintaining coverage from public view

  • Malleable Tip for Agent Applicator to a Target Site

    An applicator device for applying an agent to a target site with a malleable tip that can be cut to length with a pair of nursing dressing scissors or similar type of scissors and a malleable tip with a formable tube that that can be cut to length with a pair of nursing dressing scissors or similar type of scissors. The malleable tip is configured for passage of fluid theretrough and includes a malleable member. The malleable member is made of a soft metal that is strong enough to retain the shape of the tip after is has been bend into configuration, but soft and weak enough to be easily cut with a pair of nursing dressing scissors or the like. A method for preparing an applicator device that is suitable for applying an agent to a target site during or before an operation, comprising providing an applicator device with a formable tip, forming said tip to a desired configuration and cutting said formable tip to a desired length with a pair of nursing dressing scissors or similar type of scissors.