Cancellation Policy

Is it possible to cancel order?

Inventi journals assures quality product, however, if you are not satisfied with quality of our product (Printed Books& Journals), we offer 15 days return guaranty with full refund.

Is it possible to exchange or replace product?

If item is received in a 'Damaged' or 'Defective' condition, or it is 'Not as Desired, you may request a replacement at no extra cost.

Is it possible to cancel/replace/exchange purchase of earticle/ebooks.


How to return purchased Books & Journals?

Contact us with return request within 15 days.
As soon as a return request is confirmed,send items back to our address.
Refund would be processed as soon as shipment is received at our address.

Is there any charge for Return and replacement?

In case of replacement of wrong items delivered, there would be no charge.
In case of return/cancellation, courier charge is to be borne by subscriber/customer.

What are returns/ refund/ cancellation not possible?

Returns/ refund/ cancellation is not possible for edownloades (eArticles/ebooks)