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    is Scientific Fellow, American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck surgery; Member, International Otolaryngology Committee PI, Taiouan Interdisciplinary Otolaryngology Lab; and, Assistant Prof at Graduate Institute of Medical Mechatronics, Chang Gung Univ, Taiwan. (ebe)

  • Dr Marwan SM Al-Nimer
    Dr Marwan SM Al-Nimer

    is a Professor of Pharmacology at College of Medicine, Al-MustansirityaUniversity (Iraq). He is a member of Scientific Research Committee in Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

  • Dr Nick Kalogeropoulos
    Dr Nick Kalogeropoulos

    is Assistant Professor of Food and Environmental Chemistry at Department of the Science of Dietetics and Nutrition, HarokopioUniversity, Athens, Greece. His interest includes: Alteration of food macro- and microconstituents during cooking and processing; Isolation and characterization of natural extracts from aromatic plants, herbs, and plant food material; Microencapsulation of bioactive compounds for use in foods; Fatty acids distribution in lipids from food and biological samples; and Determination of pollutants in food.

  • Dr Patricia Dias Fernandes
    Dr Patricia Dias Fernandes

    is a faculty at Laboratório de Farmacologia da Inflamação e do Óxido Nítrico Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.

  • Dr Ravi Iyer
    Dr Ravi Iyer

    is a Senior Research Analyst at Caremark Inc, Wheeling, IL (USA). His interests include: Analysis of Pharmacy and Disease Management Programs; Clinical and financial Outcomes analysis relating to management of chronic diseases like Diabetes, COPD, CAD, HF, and Asthma; Performing hypothesis and significance testing, categorical data analysis, regression based modeling techniques (linear and logistic); Predictive modeling to examine the predictors of healthcare cost and utilization in chronically ill patients.

  • Dr Ryszard Amarowicz
    Dr Ryszard Amarowicz

    is a faculty staff member at Division of Food Research, Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences, Olsztyn, Poland. His field of interest includes: Food analysis, analytical chemistry, phenolic compounds (phenolic acids, tannins, lignans), antioxidant activity of natural antioxidants, antioxidant activity of protein hydrolysates, antimicrobial activity of phenolic compounds, chromatography of natural compounds.

  • Prof. Weidong Zhang
    Prof. Weidong Zhang

    is the Director of Modern Research Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine of Second Military Medical University (China). His major achievements are in the field of bioactive natural products discovery for therapeutical applications, QA&QC; of herbal medicine, large scale Natural Product Library (both virtual and material), biological fingerprint, formula of TCM, metabonomics and chemical biology of natural products.

  • Dr.S.Sivajothi M.V.Sc, Ph.D. (Veterinary Parasitology)
    Dr.S.Sivajothi M.V.Sc, Ph.D. (Veterinary Parasitology)

    is presently working as Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Parasitology, College of Veterinary Science, Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh, Inida. Her research interest includes Veterinary Protozoology, Entomology and Helminthology with specialization in all the molecular works like DNA and RNA Isolation & Purification, PCR, Agarose gel electrophoresis of DNA, Detection limits of PCR, Electrophoresis of protein – SDS-PAGE, Protein staining and detection methods, Western blotting, Primer designing using molecular biology software – DNA Star, Oligo, Gene tool, Protein and nucleotide sequence analysis and BLAST search analysis, Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and Flow Through Assay.

  • Dr. SaiMahesh Reddy Avula M.V.Sc
    Dr. SaiMahesh Reddy Avula M.V.Sc

    is a Veterinary Physician by profession and working as a Teaching Faculty in the Dept. of Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology at Veterinary College, Gannavaram, Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Andhra Pradesh and an author of over 11 research papers, 2 Text Books by the name “Care Your Dog and Pharmacology Made Easy”. He had an illustrious academic career being a topper at both graduate and post-graduate study with creative thoughts. He worked on molecular aspects of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetic, Colitis, Arthritis and cancer models in lab animals and in vitro techniques. He developed ready to use excel spreadsheets with programmed log and antilog pertaining to Spearman and Karber formula for Veterinary Vaccine potency, Safety, Virus Titre, Back Titre, Lethal Dose 50, Infective Dose calculation. He has been working for NABARD and State Animal Husbandry department in developing software pertaining to Economics of Dairy Farming, Layer, Broiler Farming, Piggery rearing, Sheep and Goat farming. He has got wide knowledge in Feed Formulations. His own interest and commitment led him to develop Web application regarding diseases of Buffaloes, Poultry and Swine. His creative thoughts and Knowledge in various software setups to develop e-books, infographics, and visual illustrations led him a successful Techno-Vet